Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes Its Masks, Sometimes Its Shades

And sometimes, it's goggles.

Sometimes, he's pretending to be a penguin so I get the goggles part. And the mask, well, it's easy to know what he's pretending to be since he usually dons that with a makeshift cape made of a cloth diaper. But it's when he mixes shades (sunglasses) and a king's crown that gets me wondering.

And when he insisted on helping me cook the other day with sunglasses on, I absolutely almost popped an artery. He thought of putting the shades on to protect his eyes from the onions his father was chopping... but then proceeded to get a chair and bend over the pasta sauce I was cooking. He was mighty proud too, that smoke wasn't getting in his eyes.

Could this be his playful way of telling me something's going on with his eyes? I have not told my sister of this latest craze because I'm sure she'd get him vintage eyewear at the drop of a hat... and the sunglasses with scratches on it would still have to do for my almost five-year old, at least, till he learns to care for things better.

I don't know how long this WarbyParker mode will last... and to be honest, it is quite cute to see him walking like a penguin with goggles on. Hopefully, it just really means though that his eyesight is getting better, and not worse.

I know... I am a worrywart.

I cannot help it!

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