Friday, August 10, 2012

Miscellaneous FB Updates

... since I am in no mood to blog properly right now.

The project idea used burlap sack (for background) and fabric bits for the tree trunk and leaves... I wasn't ready to commit to that yet so I made use of paper available at home.

It doesn't show it well, but the tree trunks are the cutout ...
shapes of my sons' hands... and I let them pepper their respective trees with the leaves themselves (well, 80% of the time, coz Yamee kept pasting on just one area).

It's not as nice as I'd want it to be (need more contrasting leaves) but I find it so perfect coz all I see are my sons' hands.

(Also, I cut out stickers from our wedding and used them as leaves too, so it's more senti for me)

I found myself in Glorietta and Landmark this morning and was eager to shop since I rarely go there... then I realized that there really isn't anything we need at the moment. My boys have all the clothes and shoes they need for the next year or so, are eating homecooked meals that I prepare.. have enough books and toys to last them a lifetime and are loved.

I couldn't help but feel humbled at how blessed we are.


(sms exchange)
Pappie: enjoy your date later
Me: thank you for letting me date another man... and for giving me money for it too :)


It's been a while since our last date... and what do we do? Go shopping for marbles and clothes for our sons.

And despite always wanting time away from them, I kept counting the hours I was away too.

Cursed, we are :D

Boys are hyper and/or acting out... and I have been shouting again and feeling harassed after a looooong time... and hubs is not feeling thrilled about boys diving on his back or hitting him with balls...

... but our house is officially home again.
(Pappie, this is when you got back from the hospital)


God... ok na, bahain na all the books and things downstairs, just please let hubby get back already. I can only breathe then.

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