Monday, September 03, 2012

Thanks to Supportive, Striving Hubs

I am really grateful for my husband (patting myserlf too because I chose him)... and for my marriage.

I will admit to discontent over so many things and areas in our life... but they're mostly material. At the end of the day, I have complete faith and trust that my husband loves us and that we are a team (hehe, even if I have suggested to him that it's okay with me if he goes to visit his family of origin without me for a weekend).

For the month of August, I am grateful for these little things:
- Pappie has been vigilant about tests, medications and diet change
- He acknowledged my need for him to  help me tuck the boys for bed, since both boys are hankering for their own reading/attention time
- He didn't miss that night when Yakee 'read' to us by telling a story from memory
- He let me bring Yakee to him so I can attend a breastfeeding meeting during a work day
- He eats most of what I cook and expresses his appreciation for those things
- He let me attend the Family Congress, fetched me from there in pouring rain and heavy traffic, and sat through my reunion with cousins
- He then came with me to see my Mom friends... and failed to do much work because he helped out with the kids
- He's doing research on which camera we could get next
- We've had a lot of more loving moments
- He doesn't react to my BAD moods and just lets me stew till I work my bad mood out
- He attended two parents circle meetings with me

It's very important to me that our marriage be a good one, a source of inspiration and reinvention and a reward in itself. And for almost seven years, I am really thankful that we have weathered the changes and held onto each other through the pains and fears... and are able to celebrate the simple, the good, the true.

And though we love our boys... I love that I can say that we really do love each other more :)


Misc FB updates:

kanina the boys were super rowdy and I said..."dalawa pa lang yan" and Jojo said... "anong dalawa pa lang yan? dalawa na lang talaga yan! watch what you're saying" :D

(but we seem to be forgetting, 'coz now we seem to be making more jokes about having a baby girl)


while sorting through our things for stuff we can donate, I realized:

1) My kids have better clothes than I do... mine already look like rags (except my Eden stuff, of course)
2) My kids are outgrowing their clothes so fast...
3) We need to audit and edit their toys already, so they can maximize play and open some more of those in storage
4) Most battery-operated and plastic toys really suck... you just lose some part or a wiring gets loosened, and it loses its play value
5) My kids get deluged with new stuff every last quarter of the year (birthdays and Christmas) so we really need to prepare room for them
6) My kids are so blessed


Jojo ... you're also God's proof to me that 'somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something good' because He made sure I have love in my life... in you!

The best is yet to come, Baby!


Pappie Jojo opened up our old desktop and is showing the boys the diff parts of the CPU :D

I guess that's how techie dads are.


I think angels have been working overtime and whispered in hubby's ear that I have things on my watch list... so, he got me to watch Hunger Games... and miss bidding/winning those stuff.

Tsk. :D

(Labyu Jojo)

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