Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of Bad Possibilities and Tragic Endings

FIL is currently at the hospital requiring dialysis because his kidneys weren't doing what they're supposed to do. This is further complicated by his diabetes. And hubby, of course, is super stressed about it.

We talked last night... of bad possibilities and tragic endings. We talked again of losing parents, of having to finance their medication if need be, of how to care for them. We talked of eulogies, we talked of Plan Bs. And then we talked of our lack of preparedness if either one of us gets critically sick, when our bad genes and worse habits will collect on our health, and how it would affect our sons.

It was a very heavy discussion indeed... but true to form, we were able to squeeze in jokes here and there. Like... I asked him, that if something bad happens to me and I go first and our sons are still young, that he please keep reminding our sons that I loved them. Hubby said, he'd tell them..."Your mom was mean. She didn't allow candy and deprived you of TV. She spanked you. She's always scolding you. She kept asking you to pack away."


At one point, I told him that we were discussing death in terms of terminal illness and old age, but that life sometimes throws a curve ball and accidents happen. (Like, I'm sure, right at this moment, someone was Googling "dui attorney phoenix" because somebody had too much fun and was inconsiderate of keeping others safe). Then, he related to me how his colleague was just held up by a taxi driver for her iPhone. And then, of course, hubs told me that both Smart and Globe are offering the iPhone 4S in their plans now. Hehe.

Anyway, hubby brought friends to donate blood to his father... because he can't due to maintenance meds.

Join me in praying for them both?

And hugs to all who have lost parents, or have sick parents. I think it's the hardest thing ever, not to have someone, or to face the mortality of someone you have known all your life... someone you have always had in your life.

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