Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun In Museums

Because entrance was free for the whole month of October, hubs decided to bring us to the National Art Gallery (formerly, National Museum) and Museum of the Filipino People and just introduce the kiddos to our culture.

At the first one, the boys mostly loved the echoe they produce, the slippery parquet floors and the amount of space to run in (or slide about). At one point, hubs told other patrons that Yamee was really a floor cleaner disguised as a child. Hehe.
I thought the museum would be musty so we brought masks for everyone... good thing we didn't need it
The Spolarium in all its beauty..  behind me :D
excited seeing all the looms (but we were hardpressed on forbidding them to touch what's on display)
children... they just want space to run
by the sperm whale skeleton
this was at the Museum of the Filipino People already
contemplating the anchor of the San Diego wreck on exhibit
naming the things on exhibit for Yakee
uhm... proof that Pappie WAS with us :) hehe
this picture was taken right after we showed Yakee the photo on the right and told him it was the execution of Rizal
I'm not even sure if we're really allowed to sound the gong and other instruments... but oh well
I love my boys!
and it helps that they are cute boys :)

forgive the irreverence, but how else can we teach our sons to be crazy, happy Arevalos?

We might return to the Museum of the Filipino People because we got there an hour before closing time and didn't get to finish the tour. We also might go to Planetarium and complete the boys' experience.

Then, it's Robot Zoo (because we had grand plans of a beach trip this long weekend which the typhoon messed up).

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