Friday, October 12, 2012

October Birthdays

Just want to share some pictures and what-nots of the birthday celebrations we had :)
First time we used our birthday ring was on my birthday :)  Then I got sick after this... hehe
As it would turn out, I ended up crocheting 26 balls (the rejects aren't here... they were donated to Pappie's colleagues at work, haha) but only needed 18 to give away to Yakee's friends at school.
Pappie asked Yakee to pose with this framed photo... I really can't help but laugh at how alien-looking Yakee used to look like :D 
Momsy with the boys... we're going to the Rob sale this weekend because Momsy is intent on giving Yakee his present already. Spoiled, the boys are!
Luis and Yakee share the same birthday... and here they are both laughing at Yamee's head
Love this pic... but I also realized just how HUGE I have gotten :D We had the family lunch at Luk Foo
I really love it when he makes that expression :)  I don't think I am biased when I say he is so handsome when he does!
Arggh Yamee!!!
Too bad Lianne wasn't here to complete the picture
Pappie looks muscular here... haha... love it! He's really lost some weight from all the dieting and I am so proud!
Yamee tried taking out my FIL's tube... haha.
Yamee sampled all the ice cream he could :)
Sorry Pappie, he still looks like me
at St. Michael (haha, I was sooo bothered that Yakee's shirt was tucked in, his idea he said)
Yuma, Yakee's friend, who became obsessed with Yamee's shaved head... and who would later demand a baby brother from his mother because 'he took care and stayed with Yamee' :)
Pappie's gift :)


Miscellaneous FB updates for the past month:

Dancing in Pappie's arms in the middle of all the boys' chaos was such sweet solace... from the boys' chaos :D

Thank you God for watching over us.

(an errant car missed us by just seconds... 'errant car' because it fell backwards across the road, in front of us, directly into a tree... bad parking)

Morning smiles (posted by Pappie)


Hubs just sent me forms for a child abuse prevention 3-day seminar.... Mahal kong Jojo, I thought we agreed, it's our children who abuse us? :D


Kasi tinatapak-tapakan lang nila ako... hahaha... naaah... these are the feet of the loves of my life... the ones that hold me up and lift me up... the ones that allow me to stand tall and proud :)   (FB Banner)


Oh gosh, heaven help my husband Jojo but i think I am already hooked on Dee's Gourmet Popcorn (white chocolate!). It's giving me my white chocolate fix without having to consume blocks and blocks of it.


I believe God sent Jojo to be my husband because He knows I wouldn't last in this computer age without a super duper wonderful and patient techie hubby.

*insert appreciative gushing here*


Hubs told me how sad his plight was... having lots of chocolates but forbidden to eat any. Sigh. It's a good thing marriage is all about helping each other.



I have the birthday blues... and I seem to be a little bit more senti over the fact that my firstborn will be 5 soon.

Time flies when you're raising sons... and heaven knows how I managed to do it well enough to be in the receiving end of so much "i love you's"


As I was moping with friends online... hubby called me downstairs. He and Yakee greeted me by singing, "You know we can't smile without you...." while waving paper flowers (petals were the traced hands and feet of the boys) with Dee's Gourmet popcorn for stems... and Yamee hugging a wrapped gift that I already knew to be JKR's latest novel.

So, what is a depressed woman to do but sob over all that sweetness?

Advance happy birthday to me indeed...


I'm just telling myself that at least it'sjust asthma (Yakee) and broncholitis (Yamee)... that it's manageable and we can afford the meds (and a new nebulizer).

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Connor Harley said...

You guys look like Filipinos! Are you? :) Anyway, your family is full of smiles and love. It's obvious with the photos. And your children are handsome! And I love the names! Yakee and Yamee. So unique! :)