Monday, November 19, 2012

Balik Bukid Day for Pappie's Birthday

I realize I am posting about Pappie's birthday first before our beach trip and Yamee's birthday. Forgive me, I'm still high from the experience.

Pursuing a Waldorf lifestyle (I say pursuing because we're not yet really organic eating but have adopted some bits and pieces here and there for a more natural upbringing for the boys), I knew our boys would have fun at the farm. After all, Yakee had fun when he visited a farm with his friends last year.

But I didn't expect they'd have that much fun! It was great too that our nieces (hubs' siblings' daughters) were able to come, and my, they had a blast. No fighting, no tantrums... even if they were all awake and moving for 12 hours. Well, except Yamee, who's still baby enough to nap twice.

nearest the entrance was a huge trampoline... :) 
and this :)
kids dancing Gangnam Style on a truck bed
One of the first 'shops' from the entrance was this table of Toys And Stuff wooden toys... Yakee loved recognizing some of the pieces and they both loved that marble run :)
oh... the kids all loved the tire swings by the duck pond
and if the kids could go inside the rabbit pen, they would have
that little girl behind Yakee is the daughter/granddaughter of the owner... she chatted everyone up and I now have dreams of her ending with Yakee, haha, just so my grandkids can still enjoy this farm
yup, Yamee LOVED feeding the animals... he'd have accidents trying :D
see how wonderfully relaxed the birthday BIG BOY is? :)  fresh air did him good
posing at the stable
and then riding the horses... this is Lianne
carabao cart ride! (I related this to the storybook Gaya's Gift for Yakee)
what a father would do for his Bunso
he waited patiently for the tallest horse
while Iya waited a loooooong time for this white horse
Iya was the first to catch a fish too
then Yakee
close encounter with Kuya's fish
Yamee kept moving our rod, we kept losing our worm
finally, Lianne caught one (after going back and forth a dozen times for bait)
these Paletas icicles were amazing!!!
I highly recommend the coffee and the vanilla!
Iya liking the multiscarf I gave her
Yakee with former daycare buddy, Benny
Yep... Yamee rode a carabao alone, and refused to get off
family picture? :D
no words can describe how HAPPY they really were
the kids originally wanted to paint their own horses but there was just so much to do, they forgot
love that bag with the black and white print... but I really had no energy to shop
they wanted these too... and forgot :D aren't they the cutest?
I forgot I was planning to look for produce and olive oil... so much going on :D
Yamee curious about the women doing the samba
at 11 am and 3 PM, there was a puppet storytelling by the Acacia waldorf teachers... Yakee loved that he knew this story being told here
we were supposed to have joined the sack race but didn't hear our names called... plus, we were really busy following the kids around. Aside from sack race, there was this jump rope contest, the coconut stilts race, touch ball...
we would later use this First Aid station as clothes changing area after the kids showered (look how idle they look, considering the hundreds of kids loose on the farm?)
but the sandbox area just made them happier
we stayed here for 2 hours... here, the girls are twisting the swings
while Bunso played, Pappie napped
i've heard this is good for learning to read and manage Ps and Gs, Bs and Ds
hay.... he really loved swinging!
he loved the sand (or probly missed it)
at this point, we had Pappie look for a water pump already... because there was no way we could go home with them not showering first
i'm sure all parents would feel the same if their child did this
taking their pictures was an interruption they didn't really welcome
and Oh... my new wish is that my boys will grow up as carefree as these boys (who went around in their underpants, climbed everything, swam in the pond, etc)
before heading to the shower area, we passed by the animal feeding area again and SIL volunteered to chop up the carrots
while all the kids lined up for carrot sticks
guiltily coming out of the turkey house
ending play with a shower near the First Aid station and biking trail
waiting for pizza
Before leaving, we ordered this pesto pizza from Pizza Morena... then thought the kids might not like it, so we ordered a Margherita (cheese) one. It was so good! They feasted on this one though, haha... and left us adults to finish the cheese pizza.

We started cruising out of the parking lot at 6 PM... and before we got out of the estate, all kids were asleep.

I made hubs and SIL promise we'd be back for the next Balik Bukid but hubs' colleagues are already curious about the fun farm and SIL is exploring the idea of going back there for Iya's 7th birthday. So, maybe this will be a more regular haunt for the boys

And I don't mind.

I really don't.


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