Monday, November 12, 2012

Undas 2012

This post is about a tradition in hubs' maternal side. Every year, his mom and her siblings bring their kids along at an agreed time to the cemetery to pay their respects to their parents, Pappie's grandparents, who have passed away.

Nothing really special about it considering how Filipinos are about their dead.

But the tradition lives on even when hubs and his cousins already have families of their own. There is prayer for the dead and then a feast, which admittedly is a great enticer, right there at the cemetery. And there, they (we) catch up and joke around and enjoy what being related is all about.

And I find it very beautiful.

Yamee roamed the cemetery as if it was his playground

told you... feast

my naughty-looking boys

special shot of those celebrating birthdays this November

MIL and her siblings (the eldest couldn't make it)

group shot
most recent, deent family pic!

I was just really struck that day about how beautiful this yearly gathering is... and amazed at how hubby's grandparents must have really been like to inspire such devotion from their children, and thus, their grandchildren.

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