Thursday, December 13, 2012

Redecorating Undone

Buteyko is taking up soooooo much of my time and energy, and then I got sick. So, all the cramming I was supposedly doing to redecorate and reorganize has come to naught. My mother is already here and she has already declared our home, a 'storage space' :)

So, yes, I am bidding adieu to modern bedroom furniture for the meantime and just concentrating on getting well, enjoying my mother and sister (at the expense of my hubby and sons, but I have already sought permission and they should really be supportive, haha) and getting through the holidays. My parents had to fix old beds for visiting relatives (all the way from US!) too... and hopefully, a future bedspacer, so we can maximize the use of the other house (with all three rooms that are now currently occupant-less, because my Mom has decided to camp on the living room instead).

It would be lovely redecorating in the sense that we'd need the services of wholesale furniture brokers but right now, we're just really pressed for time. And resources.

Have I mentioned that our helper just ended up preggy and left without a word (well, she left a note, but fled in the wee hours of the morn)? And that it seems she has made off with some money in my safekeeping? (part of me still can't believe she did that, but I still haven't found said money, and I am sure that I didn't spend it).

But yes, now I am itching to go and purchase book shelves at least... just so, I can make sense of all our books. They are just on every possible space, it is insanity!

Redecorating? Maybe next year :)

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