Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Baby Who Turned Two

Sorry to my youngest, this is soooo late in being written.

Anyway, we celebrated the actual birthday on the day itself rather simply, as we were going to Balik Bukid the following week and having a joint celebration with the in-laws.

Hubs decided on a drum set for a birthday gift. Yamee played with it for a long time that day... but seldom really played with it since. Kuya is the one who plays with it, maybe every other day or so.
My nephew and SIL came over to celebrate with us, as did my Dad.
Because we didn't have any candles, we used the beeswax candle we use for our birthday ring
Hubs had the brilliant idea of letting Yamee choose his cake... and he pointed to this one :D It tasted like bubblegum (Bazooka) and only Pappie ate it, hehe
So, now... Yamee is two. He's still not potty trained and still really not verbal. It's getting to be an issue now since he's also grown more particular about certain things and the inability to communicate more more clearly is causing us all frustration. He's in his whiny phase and hitting phase and is proving to be quite a challenge (because he's so different from his brother).
But he's sweet and still very playful at night. He likes balancing on the ledge by our stairs now, which gives me a heart attack everytime I see him there (but I don't show it). His glorious appetite is back and he is feeding himself again. Plus, he mostly sleeps through the night without feeding now (though he'd insist on about an hour's worth of cuddling and suckling when he wakes up before he's ready to face the world). He is surer of foot and would hum along with songs and LOVES dancing Gangnam style (like the rest of toddlers his age around the world).

It seems he sprouted two inches at least while I wasn't looking... so now, Pappie and I get confused sometimes who's lying with us in bed, or sitting there. And when I hold him, sigh, I feel soooo poignantly how he is no more a baby.

But he's our baby. Always is, always will be (well, until the third child maybe? wahahaha... joke Pappie).

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