Monday, January 21, 2013

Ninja and Shaolin Mode

I have recently been investing in multiscarves because they are soooo convenient to use and they're another something I can have for matching accessories for the boys.

Needless to say, the boys also love them so much because it allows them to role play. This is an old picture with Yamee as a pirate and Yakee as a Ninja. Aren't they cute?

And again, they're so easy to use and bring along... they can be used when it's super hot or when it's cold and when it's raining. Very versatile and only P40 in Divisoria if you buy a lot (I started buying these two for P150 each, I think, at Multiply).

And because Yakee has this Ninja set composed of a nunchaku, sword and I forgot what else, I have been hardpressed introducing to him ninja turtles names because we haven't found videos of the cartoons. I think Yakee would have a blast immitating them.

He also has this mask like what the ninja turtles wore so I'm sure he will really relate once he gets to watch a video.

Now... what about the Shaolin thing? Well, the boys just got their heads shaved again. I don't know why Yakee insists on a shaved head but might as well have them get the same haircut. But that's also why I have been pestering hubs to find Shaolin Kids movies for me, haha.

My sons like playing warriors... so typically male, right? :)  And I have embraced all this natural tendency for aggression and violence. Haha. Our compromise is, they can 'make' guns from marble run parts... and I won't buy them any toy gun.

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