Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Next Gadget Quest

I hadn't realized that I could actually finish novels and what-not digitally. I used to be such a snob but thanks to Kindle and e-book readers, I am willing to embrace technology now. Haha. I still prefer books but now get it that tablets provide more options than just being read.

Which leads me to this desire for a tablet with a huge capacity for stored files. You see, the interactive stories I download for the boys (you know, those ones that allow you to make a mouse run via touch, or pots to clang, or giants to stretch their legs out) take up so much space... that I have to limit my downloads (for I haven't purchased anything yet... except a Waldorf book on temperaments) for my personal use. I've about used up all the 16 gig memory of the iPad my sis gave me.

Hubby, on the other hand, has been torn between the latest offerings of Samsung (more information here) and other brands. I don't want a fancier phone though because I like big fonts when I read but don't want the bulk of the bigger Android ones, so a tablet is really the perfect size. We both salivated over the last one Samsung launched though, haha and re giving ourselves a few months to think it over (and wait for more reviews).


Good luck to our pockets!

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