Monday, March 25, 2013

Of Dads and Anniversaries

I think we actually met online March 11, 2000... the night after hubs' dad's birthday. That was a Saturday and we missed the EBs of our respective chat rooms (this story is so much funnier the way I told it in a blogberk post, but I cannot find the post).

We talked all night that night, and almost all day the following day... and again the whole night that night. Then he called me at work, calling me 'Baby' even before we met that night. The following day (14th, my Dad's birthday), we agreed to go steady.

We broke up around three months after that... and there were so many highs and lows in between before December 28, 2005. But we got to the altar anyhow.

Now, seven years later... I really find it amusing how I thought I already knew him before, or that I already loved him. Because it really just got so much better, deeper and more rewarding. I hope he feels the same.

Our marriage is still not perfect. Lately, he's been making more comments about my housekeeping... but I'm happy to report, without pretense and pride (just amazement and gratitude), that there's so much (more)  love and commitment in our marriage :)

May the coming years be kind to us so that we can enjoy them more.


here's to 13 crazier years ahead... and more!

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