Monday, March 04, 2013

Saving in Clouds

I inherited my sister's iPad which is only 16 gb. That's supposedly ok since I don't always use it and don't really store much in it... until I discovered I'm ok reading Kindle books. And that interactive stories (instead of games) also take up so much space.

So... I have been inquiring how to boost my capacity and trying very much to understand storing in Clouds. It's just soooo abstract for the likes of me. Still, if you're vigilant about NOT losing files, investing in one might not be a bad idea.

I don't have a lot of files (unless my digiscrapping kits count) but I have lots and lots and lots of pictures. Plus, with homeschooling, I really need more storage. And yes, I can't let go of the past seasons of fave TV shows, haha. I know there are a million other worse things that can happen over losing files but I am one sentimental schmuck, and pictures are how I validate the years that were.


Now, I am considering backblaze since I am not (yet) really a big Apple user and most of my blog files are still stored in my laptop. I guess you could say, my cyber sanity and peace of mind just might be as cheap as $5 a month, haha.

How about you, how much are your archives worth? :)

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