Monday, February 18, 2013

More Weddings to Come!

At my cousin's wedding last December, where Yakee was coin bearer, I was lamenting to another cousin and his gf that my son's suit cost a lot and that they better use suits for their wedding too so I can use my son's suit again. The gf said that my son might be a lot older and too big for his suit already by then... to which I replied that Yamee can use it. Then my cousin countered that a beach wedding will be nice.


Ah well. Unbeknownst to the family though, they got civilly wed while my cousin was here and slated their Church wedding in December 2014. Will it happen here or in the US, we aren't sure yet. If it's happening here in the Philippines, it would most probably be in Iloilo and the likelihood of a beach wedding is more than likely. But if it will be in Michigan, then my sister and other cousins would have to be checking out Weddingtonway and such sites for winter bridesmaid dresses.

And then there's our other cousin, whose present girlfriend has announced already to our clan that their nuptials will be in 2015 (maybe they will time it with the visit of a lot of relatives for my niece's Flores de Mayo stint.

And I just know they will be getting either of my boys since it's traditional for the groom to provide the men in the entourage. Love it.

Haha. Well, I don't have girls so I might as well be stage Mom to my boys.

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