Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Updates, Updates

I know... I have been blog negligent!

Immediate Family Life
Pappie has left his job for another one. He was at the previous one for 10.5 years so the weeks leading to the decision was a stressful time. He is now with a different company, at a more regional role. We are so proud of him, so thankful for him.

We are facing tight times as we realized that we have been living from paycheck to paycheck without savings and investments. That must be improved on and pronto!

The kids had a grand time learning to swim. Yakee ended as Best in Basic Freestyle and even Yamee was his class' star student (haha, I am not biased). Now, Yakee is officially homeschooling and Yamee and I are enrolled in the parent-child program at St. Michael.

We got a helper!!! But are also now facing the possibility that she might not come back when we allow her to go home and visit her Dad in August. Too bad because again, my kids have gotten attached to her.

We got some repairs done at the house (our roof isn't leaking anymore, and our aircon is new and saving us on electric bill) and have made some decluttering. Some space have been freed, at least.

Our Relatives
The boxes filled with my yarn and the wooden blocks have arrived... pics to follow because I have gotten used to taking pictures using the iPad. Happiness! And my own Dad got an iPad mini from my sister so he's making his presence felt over the net as well.

We also celebrated birthdays in hubs' family at the beach as a last hurrah before the school year began...




Meanwhile, hubby's dad's health has been deteriorating and I know it is a great source of stress for everyone. Hopefully, his sisters coming to care for him too will perk FIL up.

The boys also enjoyed my cousin's family's visit over the summer... because they had playmates!



The kids had fun at the Tribeca/Southern N@Wies playdate... but Yamee got scratched by a cat, which resulted in a need for rabies shots for him. Stress galore!

before and after being scratched

source of amusement and stress talaga, haha

the kids with their art work!

the mommies with our own masterpieces (albeit smelly na by then)

So... yes, the Arevalos do lead happy, crazy, interesting lives :)

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