Saturday, April 20, 2013

Moriones Festival 2013

This is the second part of our Marinduque trip about three weeks ago. Marinduque is home to the Moriones Festival, a festival highlighting the Roman soldiers' hunt for Longinus. Usually, there's a contest on who had the best Roman soldier attire and this is generally how the men fulfilled their Lenten sacrifice...

Yamee sleeping in the arms of our part-time nanny there

all from shells!

it was his happiness to have pics taken with the Moriones

and yes, Yakee's eye was puffy from being bitten by some bug

Yamee was more intent in eating :)

I was a little shy approaching the men so this was my best shot of the masks on a fence

this one is at Boac (the previous ones above were all in Gasan)

how's this for father and son? :)

and this is my only pic taken of the Pugutan play we watched... where Yamee would gleefully shout Caipas and Yakee would later ask, "Si Jesus, nasa ref?"

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