Wednesday, September 29, 2004

wHimS aNd DrEaMs

When we first drafted our entou's list, we also set down certain things we wanted for our wedding. Since we weren't constrained by budget while fantasizing, it was really fun... especially for me, I guess. It was only when we tackled our guest list that the fun ran out, to be replaced by dismay... that our families procreated a tad too seriously.

Initially, I wanted 7 flower girls, each wearing a differnet color gown, and wearing a corresponding color wreath. I also wanted custom-made steel stands for different-flavored favorite cakes because I didn't want the usual fondant, 3-tiered cake. We were also clear about wanting a Catholic Church wedding, and wish there won't be a weding rght before or after our wedding so we won't be rushing during the photo ops. I also had this dream motiff before, of using fruits instead of flowers for decor... I wanted topiaries of lemon,, lime and grapefruit... which is why our motiff is citrus-spring. Jojo wants fireflies inside the Church, and I insist on getting videographers using 3ccd cameras. We also included all my other nephews as "Bubble Boys', not really expecting them to do anything except blow bubbles as the flower girls are throwing flowers.

And of course, my wedding gown won't be white or off-white. It would be the palest lemon color.

Anyway, after reality has come crashing down upon us both... we've decided to forego the many flower girls. I'd just have the usual 3 (it's going to be a kick having their names in the invitation: Sophia, Mayumi and Sofia) and won't even have any bridesmaid at all. The secondary sponsors would be limited to Jojo's two sisters and my cousin who's living with us. Maid of Honor of course would be my sister, and the Best Man Jojo's brother. The ring bearer would be the bunso in Jojo's family (he'd be around 12 by then, but who cares).

Of course, we have to give honor to our fave, fave kids: Ela would be Honorary Maid of Honor (she'd be 9 yrs. old then) and Pyro would be Honorary Best Man (he'd be 2 and a half).

I am leaving my sister to decide what kind of gown would suit her best, but my female secondary sponsors are going to wear this dress. We just have to choose a more citrusy color, but I really love it because it's so simple and so flirty. Of course, i'd have the flower reduced to a much smaller size (maybe, a gerbera daisy would do) at the waist, but other than those things, it's really perfect. Especially since my gown will really be a simple one (my colleagues are still convincing me to not be so averse to beads and sequins and embroidery).

For the wedding rings, sigh, i've allocated just a small amount for them because I want simple gold bands we can really wear everyday. We found a wonderful 2-tone ring tho and i love it, though am not sure if our budget can cut it. It's very different from the usual wedding ring and yet simple too.

Anyway, i'm adamant that the meaning of the ritual won't get lost in the preparations. Sure, girls would often dream of elaborate preparations and such, but I can be content with just close family and friends and a simple ceremony.

As long as the food is great.

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Jet said...

Oh I swear! I will just love reading every bit of this... it will be just like going through the whole thing with you. Especially since I never really had the chance to prepare for mine.

Yes, it would be nice if one of these days, we hear from Jojo too... hehe. :)