Friday, October 01, 2004

My BaBy DoEsn'T LiKe MaKe-Up

I was mentioning to my sister and cousin that I need to condition my face to make-up, what with the fact that the slightest eye shadow irritates my eyes and makes them red for some 2 days.

Baby turned around in his seat inside the cab and objected. He said i should just purchase make-up that won't irritate me, but never should I go walking around with make-up on. He even threatened me that he'd tire of me soon if I started wearing make-up.

And lest anyone thinks he's too narrow-minded to actually think he can dictate what I can do with my face, please... he's not like that. He appreciates when I dress up and all but is genuine in his love for me and how I naturally look. He sometimes even questions why I wear lipstick around him.

And isn't that a deliciously nice thing to have, the freedom to look either good or bad and still be loved?

Because I cringe at the thought of always having to put make-up on, and having to be told by my partner to put make-up on.


Something he was already considering, and something I liked that I got from W@W, is to have a 'dirty ice cream' station at the wedding reception. Only, my Baby wants this thick honey-pinipig ice cream that was served in my niece's first birthday.

That was 2 years ago... in Lipa!

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Renee said...

Wow, I asked for your story with JRA, and you obliged in a BIG way!

Yehey, another double-blogger like me! Now I get twice the dose of delisyus! ;)