Thursday, March 17, 2005

Major Rant I - lack of reception venue

In the initial stages of our wedding planning, I came up with a tentative total that we'd be spending for the wedding. It was some P300k, brought about basically by my kapritso when it comes to photography... and the inherent quantity of the families we belong to. But that only considered 200 guests (we are now up to 250). Then again, we also included expenses for everyone's gowns, etc.

Anyway, I already told my Baby that even if we had that much disposable income, I wasn't really willing to spend as much... thus the contemplation of an intimate, 60-pax wedding...

But ok, so we've decided it's going to be the usual reception...

I was coordinating an event for my company, which led me to Casa Blanca. I liked the place and found it cheap compared to Paco Park's garden (before, I couldn't bear to spend P20k for something that we're not even going to eat...).

Out of curiosity, I inquired whether Casa Blanca is available for my wedding date.


The short of it is, Jojo and I are now rattled for a venue reception, having waited too long to inquire/reserve sites we'd like (we really want a garden reception).

All Intramuros gardens are already taken.

And I damn well would not spend some P200k for a reception (think Manila Hotel, Manila Diamond, Manila Pavilion).

But I also wouldn't want to just have to setlle with whatever's available.

So... here I am, berating myself for poor planning... feeling pitiful that I'm not rich enough not to care about spending a lot of money... etc.

And still no reception venue.

Half of me has already thought up melodramatic, irrational claims...

I have already thrown tantrums in my head, like a child deprived of a whim.

I have already shed tears.

I am shedding tears.

And still no reception venue.

Jojo is as bothered... because he also doesn't like to settle with something we didn't really like... and because he knows how upset I must be.

So now, we've decided to pray over the matter... hopefully, love will indeed find us a way.

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