Monday, March 21, 2005

Pre-wedding Gifts

Wednesday, Jojo gave me some pahabol anniv gifts...

Jack-jack now sleeps with me... and i've consumed half of the white chocolates there... the orange thingie where these are propped is actually a plastic chest we intended to buy for all our wedding thingies. The set of glasses went FREE with the chest and it was good omen-like because the design was lemon.

Our theme IS citrus, remember? :)

But then Saturday came and Jojo brought our pre-wedding gifts from his cousins to our house.

Like a child on Christmas morning, he watched me gleefully unwrap all parcels and delight in them.

Let me see... the orange trinkets and the pouches are intended for those attending my bridal shower... basically they contain lipsticks, other moisturizer samples and mini-lotions and funky bracelets and candies and even chocolate gold coins. There were also lots of towels for different uses sent. And a waist trimmer of sorts. And other bath accessories. (Cara and Orange, if you're reading this, we really appreciate the gifts... we love them!!!)

But of course, the piece de resistance would have to be... this

I have no idea how am going to wear the headband... and i'm thinking of how to use the veil pin considering I don't intend on donning a veil... But still, I kept trying the headband on. I was so giddy I showed it off to my family... and all my cousins kept kidding me that I should wear it to a Santacruzan first...

Yes, I feel more bride-like now.


It wasn't what we had in mind... but I think we now have a reception place.

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