Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Touched, Grateful, Blessed

It has often been repeated at W@W, especially when a future bride goes a-panicking about budgetary constraints, how the means to an end presents itself, usually in the form of an unexpected surprise.

My Baby, when he assures me, would often tell me how LOVE WILL FIND A WAY.

And it has been finding ways and providing means for us that continuously humbles us, and touches us... that so many are blessing our union, that so many are rooting for us.

So, thanks to G (a person I'm just getting to know) and Tita Che (who lovingly reminded Jojo that she is his Inang Kumpil and that she'd gladly render extra service for overtime pay, just to give us a nice wedding gift) and Tatang Rome, a fellow Blogberk (who told me he's planning to send us stuff which he hopes we can use for the wedding) and of course, Polo who has gladly offered to design my Save-the-date card. He's actually already sent it but I decided to "abuse" his kindness by asking him to tweak it a little more (the mums background is taking away from the text... the mums were my idea, he's so good to humor my ideas!).

And then, there's the balikbayan box from Jojo's cousin, containing these:

My Baby's Mom has asked that I open the trinkets with them around (yes, we're excited!!!). I believe we were gifted with Bridal Shower giveaways, some Kitchen Utensils and some Bath accessories.

For every offer/gift of something, tears cannot help but spring to my eyes. Jojo and I kept being silenced by the sheer gravity of other people's thoughtfulness... and love for us.

It's not what they give us, but that they think to give anything at all.

And so, we're grateful.

And I don't know if I worded this entry well... I didn't mean to brag, and I really didn't want to take away from their gifts by telling of the gift-giving...

But I want to acknowledge the generous souls who are touching our lives in the midst of our wedding plans.

Thank you.


Meanwhile, Jojo and I are hassled because Casa Blanca is already booked and we're now scared that the 'good venues' might already be taken. Thus, the coming super hectic weeekend... which would involve:

House/Car blessing, 59th Birthday of my dad, 28th Wedding Anniversary of my parents, 50th Birthday of my uncle - in Lipa

Jojo's sister's High School graduation

Opening of gifts (ahihi...)

Ocular inspection of possible reception venues

Ocular inspection of the CR at Paco Park

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