Tuesday, May 03, 2005

here is an excerpt of what I posted in my main blog.


In Five People... it was said that we all have a True Love snapshot... one particular memory we keep remembering whenever we think of our loved one.

For all intents and purposes, JRA is my true love... and my snapshot of him will always be that afternoon (sunset) in Boracay, some 4 years ago... when he was scolding me about how he's doing everything to take care of me but am too stubborn I was hurting myself.

The tiff was about this bathing suit (and its ruched design) that was scratching at my singit... that later on produced a really bad welt there. I told him about it... and he insisted that we take a tricycle back to the resort. I insisted on walking... because I was feeling the holding hands while walking along the beach at sunset thing.

Anyway... that is my snapshot of him. Sure, he was upset and he was scolding me... but that will forever remind me of why I love him and how he must love me.


From where am sitting right now... I can only think of my maternal Lola as a guaranteed welcome party. But then again, who you loved best may not necessarily be the one who will teach you your last lessons.

I also wonder... assuming the natural order of having my parents die before me... if Dad will be meeting me there... to enlighten me on whether he really had an affair before... and why.

And then I thought... i'd love for JRA to meet me too, but that would mean he'd have to die first.

And I figured, in a way, it's a fair enough deal... to lose him and then be welcomed by him, or to leave him, and then be his welcoming committee.


What Dreams May Come (a fave movie) and Five people (now fave book) both propose the idea that you choose your heaven... in heaven.

JRA said, heaven for him will be wherever he is with me and holding my hand.

My heaven is a little more complicated.

It's going to be a picnic or kiddie party... where all the kids I really found cute or cared about will be present... and my sis will be there as a kid herself... and i'd be taking pictures of them and attending to them and laughing at them...

I'd be a witness to their antics and cuteness...

And JRA will be carrying a child in his arms (most likely, Pyro), watching me...


We have yet to really finalize our reception venue. We have narrowed the options among the following:

1) Philippine Columbian - nice ballroom actually, not sure about their exclusive caterer if food will be great, not sure of set-up too... cheapest so far

2) Pearl Manila - heard of their nice food, don't really dig the pool not being the same level as the area... has ok ballroom

3) The Courtyard - we really liked the place plus it's outdoors, parking won't be a problem... but venue fee is tres expensive what with Barbara's catering not exactly low-end too...

Deadline for decision: May 13, 2005

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