Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Holding Hands

First photo: taken at sunset, background is the gray sands of Tulong Gapo in Bacon, Sorsogon, while we were walking home

Second Photo: taken last night, with our matching "engagement" watches

Holding hands... we do this a lot. Even while we're eating, we can't help but reach out to just touch each other. Jojo even makes a game out of it by stretching out her hand...which I always have to take and meet halfway, preventing me from eating.



1) Will pay the reservation for our caterer this Friday. Hopefully, we get what we want at no additional cost.

2) I have to decide on the wedding cake. I'm so against a fondant cake and I also want a really delicious cake. I can't afford Alex Franco... and i've been advised that I'd want a big cake because ours is one big venue.

3) Jojo found this jeweller who made the exact same ring designs for a June couple. And so far, he's offered us the cheapest rates for our wedding bands. Anyway, my beloved is in charge of that.

4) Went to Manila Doctors and inquired on exceutive check-ups. Pray that Accette will allow us to charge them for the work-up package we want/need.

5) We'd have to scrimp on our music so am now starting to compile wedding songs. If any of you have great suggestions (will appreciate songs not usually played in weddings... Through the Years and Grow Old With you are already sooo exploited), whteher lyrics, song titles or mp3s, feel free to send away at delisyus137@yahoo.com

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