Monday, May 30, 2005

Shootix, only 7 months to go...

... and I have yet to say GREAT PROGRESS!!! But still, yes, we've made some headway with our preps...

Church and ceremony
Despite the fact that when our Wedding ceremony ends, a wedding reception by another couple will start at the gardens of Paco Park, it's still St. Pancratius Chapel for us. We have yet to meet with the Officiant we want... have also confirmed that they don't really have restrictions on the outfit so long as it's not whorish (yey, I can be veil-less!!!)... and we also have yet to consult the additional/alternative vows we want for the ceremony. Have to pay the remaining balance pa din pala. And we're leaving till December if we're going to pay an additional P500 just so the fountain will be opened for us.

Despite the expense and this really big Joya-inspired monument in the middle of this great outdoor place, it's really still The Courtyard at PICC for us. Booked both the place and the caterer (Barbara's). We have to pay 50% before we can finalize the contract with the caterer though...

anyway, here is the MENU :)

French Onion Soup
Grilled Fish (with garlic sauce)
Chicken Flambe
Roast pork Loin (with sweet yam in orange sauce)
Creamy Seafood Basil Pasta
Buttered Baguio Vegetables
Mixed Green Lettuces
Arroz ala Christina
Pandan Rice
Dinner Rolls
Fresh Fruit Platter
Blueberry Cheesecake
Decadent Chocolate Cake
Bottomless Iced Tea
Other beverages/liquour: San Mig light, red wine, and probably some brandy (see, we're bringing in all the beverages and just paying P45/pax)

Sawaaaappp no?

Wedding Gown and Other Outfits
I still like the wedding design I had developed. Am thinking of using the grasya type of satin (i dunno what the english translation is for that type of satin) for all the gowns, including the flower girls'. Am still debating with myself on the color combinations to be used for the entourage gowns... ahehe... sometimes I think am going crazy because of it. Am torn between just having all entourage (maybe there'd be slight differences in hues) use lime green and yellow, then have orange flowers, bouquets, flower balls... or have them wear orange-colored gowns, and hold yellow flowers instead.

Really have to consult with a designer first before finalizing the fabrics and designs... will have my secondary sponsors pick their own designs provided it will only require minimal beading, and will be alright with the fabrics we've chosen.

Having this great expanse for a venue, with monuments and fountain areas... we were advised to get a big Cake. We have the option to sacrifice my all-cake cake desire and have styros designed with icing and such. It's also hard that am being finicky about the cake flavor (why can't they offer mocha and rocky road, or potato almond?).

A fellow w@wie suggested her cakemaker though (thank you Abie ni Howell)... Costa Brave cakes offer all-cake cakes at a price cheaper than that of Alex Franco's. Still, unless someone sponsors our cake... I may have to let it go and just avail what I can from Barbara's.

Have yet to officially request quotations from Mang Chris at St. Vincent Parish office. We MIGHT also have to find additional budget for this for our reception venue... although am not planning to go ballistic with guest table centerpieces. I'd prefer alternate gerberas and ZEN-type centerpieces actually.

Also have to really consider making our own luminaries. Hmm...

Photo & Video
Booked Vignette. have yet to provide them with baby photos and 3 songs we'd like for background music to our wedding video. Of course, there's the 50% that's still due for the whole package.

Wedding Program
Hmm... i've already put my foot down and said I don't want to be releasing doves. Other than that, i've also made suggestions to my beloved about the bouquet and garter toss replacements. We also found this nice idea for the cake table.

Am not compiling a list of songs for the ceremony. It's agreed upon that we'd probably just get someone to play DJ. We cannot afford a string quartet anymore!!! We also don't have any emcees yet.

Jojo and I have yet to sit down and really finalize the details of the wedding invite, plus all the maps and other inserts. But we want to personally pay our Ninongs and Ninangs a visit muna before we finalize the invites.

Jojo's dad has suggested their Marinduque resthouse. Ahehe...

Discovery Weekend and the like
Maybe we'd schedule this around July or August.

Medical check-ups
I intend to go to an ob gyne for a fertility workup... and I told my Baby that if he ddin't lose weight in 2 months time, he'd be spending P7k to have that dcardio workup at Mla Doctors.

the Guest List
Not even sure if this is finalized already...ahehe... two uncles have recently died... but more kids (by this i mean people around our age) of family friends want to attend. Jojo's parents have been kind enough to promise to sponsor those that will exceed our guaranteed 200 pax (because that's the only number of guests we can magic to afford).

Bridal car
A benz courtesy of Barbara's

Hair and Make Up/Beauty treatments
Obviously, wala pa... I know where to get massages tho.


Mom in Law's advice:

Talk to each other. Tell each other how much you're willing to give/give up financially. Do you intend to surrender all your income or not? Are you fond of buying shoes? What things do you feel are important to invest in, spend on?

What are your expectations where household chores are concerned? Will you be getting a maid, will you take turns doing the laundry, who will cook your meals?

How often do you intend to spend time together? will you be giving up hobbies? Will you continue with personal traditions with friends?

It's only when you feel you can't talk to, or be listened to by your spouse that a mariage starts to fail. So try to never brew grudges and resentments by keeping your communication lines open.

I love my MIL :)

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