Monday, June 06, 2005

of Babies and Gowns

Was having lunch with my Baby and MIL, don't know what led us to my h2b's youngest brother not being circumcised yet.

Jojo confronted his Mom about it. Mommy said that she planned to have it done this year... but thought Luis would stop being her baby once he's circumcised. So she'd just have it next year... esply since next year, she'd have some other baby to baby...

Implying ours.

I was soooo kilig with her infanticipation for an apo... haaay...


Went to Mrs. Bautista yesterday. The consultation went well... Jojo liked her. We were informed that my wedding gown design would cost P10k (if the cheaper lace was used) up to P15k (if the more expensive, lighter lace was used).

And to think I was hoping i'd get the gown for around P7k lang! Because it's really one simple gown...

And no, I refuse to satisfy anyone's curiosity as to the gown design!

I thought Jojo and I agreed we'd have someone else give us quotations for the gown... to at least challenge why the portion where the lace will be sewed on costs around the same as the main gown. But either he forgot, wasn't paying attention, or I was only talking to myself... that didn't happen yesterday.

And because it was a Sunday, half of the textile shops in divi were closed.

I saw (or I thought I saw) the perfect shade of two-tone shantung at Mrs. Bautista's swatch sampler... so I went looking for the bigger fabric in Divi. I couldn't find it. So I spent most of last night thinking if I should play hookie from work and scour Divi for the right swatch.

Am close to going berserk. Honest.

I really want to buy a yard of the fabrics (I doubt they'd sell them for half a yard) to be used by me and my entourage... finalize the choice of fabric and color...

And I need the swatch of my gown fabric so I can now start haunting shoe shops for my wedding shoes. Because I intend to already have them when I go in for measurements.

Arrghh.. I really better find the right swatch! Hmmpff...


My Mom offered her savings if we're strapped for deposit payments. I told her i'd ask for help when we can't really come up with anything anymore... and thanked her.

I love my Mom.

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