Tuesday, June 07, 2005

of Stag parties

Depending on the couple's personalities and history, stag/shower parties can serve as a spice or challenge for engaged couples...

How can you trust a group of men who typically protect and cover for each other to not forget about protecting the groom's relationship with you?

And what if your groom gets tempted? Or has a history of getting tempted?

You hem and you haw, but ultimately, the fact remains that whether the groom (or the bride) had a really adventurous send-off by friends or not... it still remains to be seen if he (or she) will really be a faithful and responsible lover/partner.

Still, if you know of what things happen at such parties, you may also have worries.

A co-w@wie (Yayeen) quoted E. Jean Carroll as saying:

"bachelor parties..."couldn't be cheesier." At a moment when all things between a coupleshould be sacred and holy ? "when you are going to declare your troth to this woman for the rest of your life" ? bachelor parties are the "cheapest, sleaziest, dumbest, stupidest."

Although may not have had the real thing with the stripper, "it's play sex," which is just as ridiculous, especially just before the wedding night.

I forwarded it to my Baby...

My Baby replied...


i also agree with what is written below. but ang akala niyo naman ang lalaki di na pwede magkaroon ng safe and good na stag party na good clean fun? ang alam ko naman sa stag party eh parang transition and celebration from the last day of bachelorhood to a life of chains and misery (eheheh joke lang po). pwede naman kami mag paintball party or 2 bottles party, something na pwede ko gawin na handa na ako i give up kasi im looking forward to something better in exchange, like spending my nights taking care of my little bundle of joy or playing thumb boxing with you. muah love you po.


Sigh... I think my beloved just made sure I won't deprive him of one...

Love you too, mahal...

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