Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Our Precious

My Baby surprised me with our wedding rings last night. He even put it in a bag (which he also surprised me with) for added drama.

I was sooooo KILIG!

The jeweller (someone whose obscure shop can be found at the right side of Fernando's, in Las PiƱas) managed to deliver the design that we wanted. Only, instead of a smooth finish for background, he made it into this rough something... to cover the HINANG imperfections for the Roman Numerals.

Now, am not sure if it's because we ordered 14k rings in white and rose gold (because we didn't want something that will easily get deformed over time) or it's the general effect of the non-smooth background... but our rings lacked sparkle. Hopefully, it can be polished to look more like a jewelry (and not just an accessory).

Another thing we didn't really expect... the rings were huge and thick. As in they were chunky (as in, i think my ring alone can yield 3 rings... ahehe). On one hand, it's nice that the jeweller didn't scrimp on gold (i believe our rings total some 20 grams of gold, plus the other alloys/metal... bwahahaha), but on the other hand... I'm afraid that it's not so comfy wearing them because they're really chunky. A little squeeze of my fingers when am wearing mine result in pain... I don't know if I can really handle wearing them everyday while I go about my daily business. (and imagine if my ring is chunky, what more my Baby's!) And I don't think they'd go well with formal/classy outfits...

So there, with trepidation I shared my honest feelings with Jojo... that I really wish the rings can be polished and that they'd grow on me. My Baby assured me it can be polished... and if we're both really not comfy, we can get another set of simple bands for everyday wear.

See... we really loved the design... it was perfect!!! And we really don't think it could be made un-chunky.

So... am I totally unhappy with the rings?

Not really.

Which is why am hoping they'd grow on me.

Because we wanted a non-traditional look and very personalized set of wedding rings... and that is exactly what we got!

Picture to follow...

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