Tuesday, July 26, 2005

of Trial Make-Ups and other Trials

Because am such a cheapskate, I insisted on there being a party at least for me to parade in with a made-up face.

Anyway, due to limited funds brought about by the birthday-hectic month of July (at least in my family), I went to see Lawrence of Going Straight Salon (a tip from a w@wie, at Rob Place Ermita). Trial cost me P600 (plus tip because I was feeling gracious and on such short notice) and I came in too late for there to be proper waves to my hair... but still, I was attending a non-formal debut anyway.

Lawrence just basically twisted my hair on the sides. Some other pics show me pale (I took shots of me in the ladies' room, bwahaha), reminding me of corpses in coffins. But my sis told me I looked nice enough (though she finds the make-up too simple for a bride, which of course will be adjusted in case I do get Lawrence), and that pic is taken 5 hours after I came out of the salon.

Anyway, I think it would be wise to try other make-up artists... and really get myself to a dermatologist. For I am really acne-prone and only the truly-enlightened make-up artist will know which base/foundation won't show much of my pockmarks and also limit the oil build-up on my face (which incidentally, Jojo tells me is the most beautiful one in the world... but then he loves me).

To practice making myself up, I bought a new lipstick... an eyelash curler and other kikay stuff yesterday.

Wish ko lang i'd really use them, bwahahaha.


Not sure if i'd already mentioned how these are trying times for my Baby and I. The wedding preparations are triggering issues left and right. It also doesn't help that this is the first project we really have to decide on as a team... we're not exactly fighting about money, but we've been fighting about how to spend it etc. (like I want a new digicam, he wants a handycam) The littlest things can trigger an issue/emotional outburst and we've been leaving each other raw with pain.

And it doesn't help that we're both really very independent people... both earning well enough... both holding fairly respectable positions... and both first-borns.

And true, I've always been hasty to call a halt to everything... and I still hate how he handles pressure and bad times.

Which was why, having come to a brick wall (or a mountain), he decided to shell out P4,800 so we can attend a Discovery Weekend this August. I actually wanted to get into pre-wedding seminars very early in the preps but he wasn't interested... it's only now that he (we) banks on DW to put us back on track... to make us remember just WHY exactly we want to live and grow old together.

Anyway, the most recent dare to separate happened last Saturday... and I really thought he'd skip my nephew's birthday party the next day because I told him I didn't want to see him ever again (and yes, of course, I was moping all day Sunday, and checking my messages for any from him).

But my Baby has yet to disappoint... for he arrived just in time to bring my nephew his most favorite birthday gift (this ball of a horse) and to give me a caramel sundae (he knew we got mcflurries instead for the party).

The caramel sundae, aside from being a favorite addiction, reminded me yet again that my Baby has always been able to deliver the grand gesture... is usually the first to raise the white flag... that he knows I have a greater problem with pride and refuses to let something so detrimental take me away from him.

And so, we've just crossed another hurdle... and are really looking forward to the DW. Maybe if I can find some more money, we'd also attend one of CEFAM's offerings.

This is not to say that things are going to be easier from this point on (surely not when we're speedily approaching the wedding date), or that we're no longer hurting from what each other said and did and didn't do...

But it's another hurdle crossed... and no matter what was, I thank God that am assured of his love and true willingness to work on being with me.

It's nice how, we make the decision of loving each other... again and again and again, every day.

We just have to work now on loving each other better... in ways we really need and want to be loved by the other.

And Baby, am really sorry for hurting your feelings. And no, there isn't anything wrong with my logic. :)

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