Monday, August 01, 2005

Fitting, W@W Projects and Chicken Soup for the Heart

Wednesday last week, I went to Tet's for my 2nd fitting. Like what i've already told my sisters at w@w (and everybody who cared enough to listen), Tet and her assistants were awed that I was prancing around, totally unself-conscious, wearing the lining of my gown. In fact, I even ventured to ask if she could possibly uhm... lower the center of that sweetheart neckline.

She refused my request, telling me that's low enough.

Fine! :D

And then I noticed that there have been changes in my gown design... basing from her final sketch, what was once flirty/playful is now flamboyantly sexy. So now, am thanking the heavens I agreed to a veil... yes, I intend to spare the priest of my humble endowments.


By the way, didn't wear pink panties that time. was wearing white kaya hindi super see-thru. See for yourself here. My baby doesn't want an advance screening of how gorgeous in white and yellow i'll be kasi.


Which reminds me, the priest we liked listening to when we attend Mass at St. Pancratius is actually waiting for a ministry or whatever in Greece. He's currently on vacation but we met a PREX volunteer who told us his name (Rev. Fr. Dave Dulfo) and promised to contact said priest for us.


But we won't mind if he gets sent to Greece. And we've decided to get a quarter-page endorsement for the Annual St. Peter's Church is making... sort of... our families are thankful for the graces being showered on their son and daughter as they intend to get married this coming December.

That's additional P700 expense but well... :)


Baby agreed to consider a pre-nups photoshoot to test trial hair and make-up ekeks. maybe, we can turn that one into our birthday celebration. :)


Last saturday, played on-the-day coordinator at Anna and Jerome's wedding. The wedding was beautiful and I could see the couple is really loved by their families.

But the wedding was exhausting!

I have several things I want to put down on paper so that I and my sisters would minimize boo-boos, confusions and stress on the day of the wedding... but I have a report to finish.

The W@W OTD Coordination Movement really helps future brides anticipate problems and hassles... and for a while, you get to start thinking that a P10k asking price for OTD coordination from professionals is just fair.

But like what I said, good thing I have unemployed close cousins. Bwahaha.


Recently also floated the idea of a W@W climb to my sisters. So far, there are already 6 of us, two of them being husband and wife (the husband is a climber). Anyway, my Baby will spank me some for wanting a last hurrah with the mountains (but I missed the Gulugod Climb last july anyway!) but am sure he'd understand.

Hopefully, we can have it this August, for I'd need time to lose the resulting tan. Ahehe.


Saturday found my beloved with his Mom, foraging SM and Uniwide for possibilities. He ended bringing me 100 tea candles, aromatherapy oils and possible souvenir ideas. He also bought a plastic bowl set (in yellow) and drinking cups (in green).

And he got me a soup book, in which, he wrote:

july 31, 2005

my dearest Baby,

To start off your cook-book collection. Looking forward to the most anticipated moment of our lives, the most exciting time, so exciting that we'd end up eating only soup.

I love you so much Baby!


turn to page 23

Page 23 is the recipe page for Mussel and Potato Soup.

I love mussels.

He loves my potato soup.

And for those who didn't notice... he was referring to the wedding day, where couples usually manage to eat only soup amidst all the photo sessions and dancing and bouquet throwing.

Which was why, I was insisting we have soup on the menu. And that I love the cake flavor.

And of course, I was KILIG!

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