Friday, August 26, 2005

My first real bridal moment...

... was when I fit my gown for the third time... but that time, it wasn't just the lining anymore. I actually fit the gown (sans embellishments and veil).

Of course, it was kinda traumatic having to modify the design at this point (because it turned out, I looked kinda boxy), but Tet and her people were quick to bring smiles to my face again.

And so, there I was, strutting around in white lace and satin.

Can you say beautiful?
(well, my sis and cousins said i looked fat, but that's because am really no longer thin... but friends loved the gown design and are now manic-suggesting accessories for it)

Meanwhile, Tet is worrying about my neckline... actually, the fact that am cleavage-y (meaning, my boobies aren't humongous, but they're pointing in front and perky... as opposed to breasts that rejoin the armpits when freed from brassiers) frustrates her so. Bwahahahaha... but that's one of the reasons why my Baby loves me!!!

Besides, like what my friends told me, I usually dress sexily and I shouldn't disappoint. Bwahahaha...

Anyway, preview, you want?

Enjoy... awiwiwi...


Tomorrow, it's meeting the invites supplier.

And spending time with my fellow w@wies!!! First Grand EB and we're sure to bring Oasis down!!! (in a good way, syempre!!!)

Oh and yeah, Mars is brightest ata at 12 am tonight.

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