Monday, August 08, 2005

Meet our Ninong

Ninong Alex resides with his family in the US. They are here for the death anniversary of Ninong Alex's Mom.

Ninong Alex is the one in black, at your right-most. My future FIL is the 2nd from your left

We arrived at the party a little late. We missed the usual prayers and stuff, the show band was already playing the usual oldies hits and everybody were already eating. Anyway, Ninong Alex was called as Frank Alex Sinatra and gave us quite a performance.

He kept changing outfits, with his wife dressing him up. Am sure he borrowed some of his wife's stuff... and the coat is his daughter's.

And everyone had a blast. I could just feel the long-standing love for his antics and the general love for life in the crowd. Everyone who wanted to dance and sing were given their time on stage. Ninong Alex really cheered everyone up, he was a one-man party.

My Baby asked me if i'd mind if he does the same at our wedding and i told him, honestly, that I wouldn't. For he was terrific and charming and engaging.

And I knew, his Mom wouldn't have her family any other way.

We left that party in high spirits... hopefully though, Ninong can return to the country for our wedding, as he resides in the US. He is Jojo's godfather and FIL's best friend (they even kid each other as adopted sons of each other's families).

And yes, he's the same in parties he hosts back in Calif. :)


Ninong Alex had this sister who was wearing this sexy see-thru blouse and dancing all night long. She was cool! I asked permission from my Baby if I could be allowed to grow old as gracefully as she did. He said yes, provided I allow him to live as happily as his Ninong.

For Ninong Alex works hard and parties harder... but without the booze, drugs, ciggies and women. He just really embraces his relationships with his family and friends.

Some kind of man, ain't he?


Went to Binondo yesterday to have our wedding rings polished and engraved. We were hard put finding someone who engraves in bold letters but we found one at Manila Jewelry. The girl was kinda stupid lang not to follow the inscription we wanted and we had to 'fix' it by turning the engraving into:

his ring - JOJO TBIYTC MEC

TBIYTC is, of course, the best is yet to come... the promises of promises for our hopeful relationship.

I was surprised to find out that our jeweller didn't follow our specifications... turned out our wedding bands are tri-color!!! Hmmpff... but having the rings polished (took around two hours) brought out the red gold and it looked so nice contrasted with the yellow and white gold. :) We were so giddily in love with our rings, we wanted to put them on...but scared of tarnishing them so we forbid anyone to touch it. Hahaha.

And sure enough, the shop where we had them polished was mighty impressed with the design...and he assured us we got them cheap cosnidering the design and weight.

Ehem! :)


Our something borrowed is this beautiful silver chest, where we'd place our Unity Coins.


Something awful made me feel awful... renedering me weepy all day. My Baby came yet again to my rescue with the ff. e-mail:

life has all these unfair and sad, notorious twists that can really break a
person's will

painful as it may be but it's also it's way of making people look at
the blessings instead of concentrating on the misgivings.

i am so blessed that i have my baby. i sometimes have a shitty day, a
stressful job, and a crooked bloodline. but she is there loving me always, no matter whattrials or pain, or suffering that passes by.

she's there to hold my hand and tell me sweetly that she is there for me.

i do hope she knows that i am here for her also. that i do love her so
much and would be loving her for the rest of our lives.

we cannot choose are relatives but we can choose who we would end up with. the happiest choice i had made!

bebeh jujoh

yes... it's an AWWWWW moment for me... and true enough, am feeling all kinds of loved and cared for again. No more tears.

and in case people are wondering if he's the sole sweet one... let it be documented that I made a real sweet letter for my Baby that said something like...

i knew i didn't love him that first time we broke up
and who knew when i started loving him, or how
and i may not really love him yet
that love may indeed come only when we're 60
but am sure, with everything's that happened between us
and everything i went through
and everyone who went in and out of my life
that he's the only one i want to grow old with
and the only one i want to father my kids
without second thoughts, with no internal conflict
i just know
he's the only one

So, hopefully, he recovers the files he lost to some computer bug, otherwise, he'd be crazy-upset the whole week.


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