Friday, August 05, 2005

What Dreams may come...

I believe it was Sunday morning when I had the most awful, awful of dreams.

It was the first time I had an anxiety dream regarding the wedding... a nightmare! In the dream, I had to dress up in some dorm. I had no make-up artist and I was running late. There was this one instance when I checked the clock and it was already half past 6, and I was trying not to cry and kept muttering "I'm late, i'm late... I might not get wed tonight!" Then I looked out the window to see if people were already arriving at the Church, to check where my groom was (as dreams are often surreal, my Church was located at the courtyrad of the dorm, and no, it wasn't St. Pancratius Chapel, but in the dream, that was MY Church)... there were 3 old ladies dancing around (shucks, ala Kampanerang Kuba?) who suddenly appeared right when am trying to put on some foundation.

They assured me it's alright, am still not late, and the wedding will transpire. But still, my sister (MOH) was shouting at me to dress up faster and I don't know why all I kept accomplishing was blotting my face of oil with tissue and putting on stockings.


Dreams seldom bother me, and that one sure did. Sniff, sniff.


So what, am I actually panicking inside now?

Not really sure.

But let's see our sked this August, ok?

Aug 12-14
Discovery Weekend.

Aug 21, 1:00 PM
Entou measurement-taking at my baby's house in Las PiƱas. Two nieces are coming from Lipa. MIL insisting to be allowed to lose some more weight before we have her measurements taken. MOH panicking she's not yet pretty enough (I reminded her that it's just measurement-taking, not yet the wedding!)

Aug. 27, 6:00 PM
W@W Grand EB. And the closest Mars will ever be with the earth after over a hundred years (ata). Am sure it will be a fun and interesting night.

All weekends generally taken (and this coming weekend, my baby has to spend resting because he's been sick all week), to which we'd have to squeeze in the following:

* haircut for myself (trim ends) - check! did it last night
* visit the derma - will do it tom
* scour divi for giveaway diea
* meet up with invites sponsor - will do it tonight, while also meeting up with 2 ninongs
* payment of 50% to caterer - tentatively, we'll do it on Aug. 12 before heading to the DW, we'll also discuss other details with Barbara's AE and consider layout for the reception
* ocular inspection of the Courtyard at night, with a possible sound system supplier
* book sounds and light supplier
* get Catholic confrimation

bwahahahaha... no pressure!

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