Monday, December 05, 2005

Crunch, crunch time

Because the allergic episode I had some 2 weeks ago greatly weakened me, i'm being left gasping for breath everytime na lang na i'd be upset.

Plus, I started breaking out in pimples on my face and back. Ugh. (then again, my period was due)

Jojo decided we really need a coord now... and I caved in. (yeah, at first my pride refused to accept I needed outside help... and I didn't want to accept that people we counted on before cannot be counted upon anymore... thru no fault of their own naman talaga, though it drove home a point that NONE of our friends are involved with us in our wedding preps)

And so we hired Rowie of Workzone Professionals. Met with her last Saturday night at Figaro in LP (near Fernando's) and we discussed the on-the-day wedding activities. Rowie and I also made half-baked plans to go to White Bird, ahehe.

Yes, we clicked very much.


We also met with our emcee, Dulce (friend ni Yax), last Sunday. She was so sweet!!! Both Rowie and Dulce assured me that my wedding day will go fine now and I can truly, really, thoroughly relax.

Plus, we all agreed to enjoy the Holidays, hehe.


Superhumans that we are, my Baby and I also went to Divi yesterday to purchase wedding giveaways.

Now, we just need to print tags for them, have TY cards printed... and hopefully get the entire box brought to Jojo's house so his sister can start wrapping them up (because I really can't attend to that anymore, I can't even wrap the token gifts right).


More proof that we were superhuman (or proof that we could accomplish much if we weren't naturally lazy, hihi) was the trip to handyman later to purchase an exhaust fan and fluorescent lights, etc.

We also went through the house we'd be occupying and listed down repairs/improvements/modifications we want done, according to priority (and limited by budget). The new toilet bowl will be installed tomorrow, the exhaust fans this week, and hopefully, the extended countertop too. We'd have to buy tiles and linoleums and cabinet handles and cleaning aids too.


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