Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Six years ago today...

... my Baby and I first agreed to go steady.

We broke up three months after, and from there, it would be a roller coaster ride of pseudo-relationship and goodbyes... until about 2 years or so ago.

Anyway, I can't think of a more fitting tribute to the years that were, than to share the following trivia which we printed on orange paper and tucked in between fork tins for our guests at the reception.

A very personal touch for a very significant moment in our lives.


* The couple loves chocolate; Jojo prefers dark, Mec loves white.

* The couple's 2nd date was at Paco Park (March 17, 2000)

* Mec gained around 30 lbs. ever since meeting Jojo.

* The couple's theme song is "You changed my life in a moment" which Mec sang to Jojo once (May 27, 2000, he was touched!).

* Mec followed Jojo to HK last June 2004. They enjoyed Ocean Park but missed their siblings.

* The couple chose MiG Ayesa's version of "Baby, I love your way" (for their first dance) because Jojo was a fan of the Rockstar Inxs show, and they call each other "Baby".

* Mec and Jojo met online (mirc, #dilaan) one March Saturday.

* Jojo is the first bf who ever cooked for Mec and her family.

* Whenever the couple quarrels, Mec's family takes Jojo's side.

* Mec once gifted Jojo with 5 boxer shorts, one for each workday.

* The couple's first date as steadies (March 15, 2000) was at PICC Baywalk, where Jojo used to bring his former gf.

* Mec and Jojo are both the eldests in their families.

* Jojo gifted Mec with a bulldog stuffed toy because she dreams of having mastiffs for pets someday. They named it Mr. Stiff.

* Mec is very ticklish. Jojo is far more so.

* Jojo joined Mec and her family to a trip to Bicol (where Mec was born) last May 2005. They had a bad row there because Jojo didn't help with the laundry.

* At Mec's 2002 birthday, she got a big bag of white chocolates (different brands) and a compilation of Beatles' songs from Jojo.

* Mec and Jojo, when they were younger, both wanted to be doctors.

* Jojo isn't a finicky eater but hates liver, one of Mec's favorites.

* Since 2000, Jojo has been travelling to Lipa after Noche Buena with his family to join Mec and her family for Christmas Noche Buena.

* The couple call each other "Baby" or "Mahal".

* Jojo is godfather to Mec's niece (Karylle Nicole) and nephew (Joseph Pyro).

* Jojo originally wanted two kids, Mec wants 7. They have compromised at 5, este 3.

* The couple set their wedding date after attending a wedding (Vinnie's) last 14 February 2004.

* Jojo is the first bf Mec watched a sunset with. That's the first time they broke up (23 June 2000).

* Mec and Jojo spent 3 days in Puerto Galera in June 2003 and broke up (again) two weeks later.

* Jojo surprised Mec with a proposal with the help of The Company at Hard Rock Café, on his birthday (17 Nov 2005).

* Jojo has brought Mec to the ER twice. One for a bad UTI episode, the other for an allergic reaction to Advil. (but I landed myself at the ER again for anotrher allergic episode a month before the wedding)

* Jojo got Mec hooked on Harry Potter when he gifted her with the first 4 books.

* Mec and Jojo won their wedding cake (by Judy Uson) at the W@W Grand EB.

* Jojo automatically meme's Mec whenever they're close.

* Jojo loves it when Mec gives him a massage or foot scrub.

* Jojo once made a newsletter-type love letter for Mec. Mec retaliated by making Jojo calling cards with job titles like "Belly Dancer" and "Tantric Specialist".

* Jojo supported Mec's mountaineering stint by buying her mountaineering gear.

* Mec's groom is someone she used to watch in Kulit Bulilit when they were kids.

* Jojo gave Mec a ruby-and-diamond engagement ring. Mec associates rubies with passion.

* The couple first went steady last 14 March 2000. That's also Mec's Dad's and paternal Grandpa's birthdays.

* Jojo cooks better than Mec but he loves her brownies, cathedral windows and chicken nuggets.

* Mec and Jojo first met at the National Bookstore of Harisson Plaza (March 13, 2000).

* Mec and Jojo were technically on a break longer than they were officially together.

* At the original pamamanhikan date, Jojo's Dad had to be rushed to the hospital because of diabetes.

* Mec has intended to be wed on December 28 (Feast of the Innocents) since she was in 1st year HS.

* One reason Jojo is looking forward to getting married is so he can start sleeping in the nude.

* The couple's wedding rings are engraved with TBIYTC for "the best is yet to come".

* Mec and Jojo's first visit to Boracay was a trip Jojo won at the Pinoyexchange Survivor Contest. They were there for 5 days.

* Jojo gifted Mec with a Soup Recipe Book to say he's looking forward to the day when they could only eat soup (that's the wedding day, because newlyweds get swept up by the photo ops!).

* Jojo tried arranging a surprise birthday party for Mec last October 2002, but ruined the surprise because he couldn't contact any of her friends.

* Both Mec and Jojo suffer from allergic rhinitis.

* Mec doesn't really like flowers because she's always feared they'd trigger her allergies, but she likes getting gerbera daisies from Jojo.


Last March 12, Jojo's family threw a baptismal bash for Baby Iya. Click here for the pictures.


Jojo surprised me by singing THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT for me at the party. Then I requested him to sing JUST THE WAY YOU ARE and absolutely almost bwaled there. hay naku.

Of course, everybody were asking me if I was already preggy. Some event joke that they'd teach Jojo a thing or two coz he might be doing things wrong. :)


MIL cooked orange spare ribs for us. Hay naku, my baby was shameless enough to ask that they don't serve the rest to the family so we can take it home.

They obliged us naman, ahehe.

Ansarap maging Arevalo :) my Hubby's relatives and family friends are all nice, it felt wonderful being around them!

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