Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kiddie Prospects

Baby and I have agreed that we won't have a child this year, but it doesn't necessarily mean we're not going to get pregnant this year. Basically, I asked for a year where we can just really enjoy each other and adjust to each other. Plus, we have these trips we still hope to take before we go headlong into building a family... something we can never enjoy again in the same way once we already have kids.

Anyway, we've also been clear with my overexcited and anticipating FIL that we're trying NOT to have babies yet. I think Iya's just not enough for them (and heaven help us, I really feel i'd hide from FIL once I find out am preggy for fear of kidnapping... hehe... esply if our firstborn turns out to be a boy!)

Anyway, last Sunday, we helped babysat this kid. Returning to Manila, the child was exhausted from running around with the goats and in fields so he fell asleep... and I cradled him on my lap. We were already home when I read my beloved's text message:

"Mahal, watching you carry Mike while he's sleeping makes me love you more. I know you'd make a wonderful mother to our kids"

Syempre, I was kilig. And I was actually thinking the same about him... whenever Mike reaches out his small hand to hold his, and pull him away to show him the farm animals... when he cradled a sleeping Mike in his arms (because the 3-year old was so malikot even in his sleep)... when he was playing with his niece Iya... there's always that tug to my heartstrings that makes me confident about how WELCOME a baby in our life would be... and how LOVED.

Still, we're taking precautions not to get preggy yet. We're thinking to start making babies by July. And i've actually just had my period (though it was a bit irregular and short).

Yesterday, my boss ate Nagaraya crackers (garlic). I was so bothered with the smell the moment she opened the snack. I kept asking her and asking her if it's the Nagaray that's smelling so bad. Finally, she told me that it has some smell but it wasn't the first time she ate it (implying it's the first time I was bothered by it).

I texted my hubby this:

"Mahal, either ang sama talaga ng sipon ko, or windang hormones ko, or buntis ako... but am so bothered by the smell of Nagaraya crackers na kinakain ni Len... haaay"

Ay syempre, my hubby called, asking if he'd already buy a pregnancy test kit... and I could hear the smile in his voice! Hangkolet!

Basta, till late last night he kept on kissing my tummy... he went home early... he kept messaging me, reminding me not to get tired and stressed... and how smog is bad for my baby...and if there's anything I want... and how careful I should be etc... Hangkolet talaga!

Of course am enjoying everything but kept pleading with my hubby to stop it because the percentages of me being preggy is so small... and I didn't want to disappoint him.

He'd just tell me that at least he gets practice in becoming an annoying INVOLVED and CARING husband and father-to-be. And that preggy or not, he just loves me to bits.


I must have done some really good things to have landed a man as loving and cute as my Baby.

This is just one of those little rewards of being married... and for marrying for love at the right time. :)


(the child we cradled in our arms... )

(a sharing from Berks, IF I SHOULD FALL BEHIND is a really wonderful song i've fallen in love with)

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