Friday, March 24, 2006

Smell of Home

My Baby is a fan of my Cathedral Windows Gelatin very much. His brother loves it too. Actually, a lot of people in my life love it too. What's not too love? It's creamy gelatin anyway :)

I didn't make it for a long time... but then I got married and the hubby has been making parinig about missing it so I've made it 3 times already since December. One for New Year and the Rufo reunion. One after Iya was born. And Wednesday found me molding different gelatins again.

I was still boiling the pandan leaves while cooking some strawberry-flavored gelatin when my hubby arrived home that night. He had this fond smile on his face, and a really loving look in his eyes when he came to me to give me my kiss.

And he wouldn't stop smiling.

I asked why and he said something like, "Ala lang Baby, someday, when we're really old and wrinkled na... our kids, our grandkids will associate this smell with you... with home."

Ay syempre, I was touched.

And the smell of pandan and pineapple and strawberry and vanilla continued to permeate the air in our home...


I decided to make the creamy gelatin last night, and have the fillings mold overnight. This morning, they're all ready to be eaten (by the way, hubby helped for the first time. He stirred the milk-and-cream mixture for me) and I asked my Baby to take one container to the office with him.

Talk about masamang tingin :D He then proceeded to complain and pout that i'm always findings ways to make him share the gelatin, so he's not getting enough of it.

Hay, ang cute!


But I really should start charging my hubby for this... because the ingredients just aren't cheap :D


happy weekend everyone...

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