Monday, April 03, 2006

The Heart of the Matter

If you ask me, i'd really love to have a year free of babies first... esply since we haven't really settled into anything yet... and our initial home isn't where we want to be raising our kids.

Plus, of course, there are other practical things and nice-to-haves to consider... so bargaining for a year without babies seems wise.

Of course, there's the biological clock ticking... and we all know that once a woman hits her 30s, she has a general harder time conceiving... and the baby isn't as healthy compared to if it was conceived in her 20s.

And there are all these reproductive health issues that hound women and put her, and her reproductive capabilities, at risk.

And at the rate am going, my eldest won't be out of the house yet when I hit 50, what more my youngest.

Anyway, the point of this post actually is... I don't need a year without babies. And I know I don't actually need babies and to be a mother, although yes, I want to have them and be one, and i've always wanted some and to be one. But the heart of the matter is, i'm happy and blessed already that I have love in my life.

And if God, or Life, allowed conception yesterday, it's ok. That's more love in my life :)

(mwehehe... TMI ba if I be more blunt and say that yesterday was the first time hubby and I made love na talagang may chance of getting preggy?)

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