Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Our CDO honeymoon

Because we ran out of funds for a 'decent' honeymoon after the wedding, my Baby and I have agreed that it's just going to be a staggered something.

Anyway, in relation to having a family, I stipulated 3 conditions before i'd allow myself to get pregnant... one of which was white water rafting.

Which was why we went our merry way to Cagayan De Oro.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to really maximize the trip (although we've had one of the best times togetehr in our lives, so yes, maybe am just being greedy) because we realized there were so many things to do there... Camiguin, Tinago Falls, Maria Cristina Falls, Canopy Walk, Spelunking, etc.

Still, it was a weekend of pure loving. I couldn't wait for Thursday to be over, eagerly anticipating time alone with my hubby. Friday found me giddy with excitement over so many things (like flying again, and visiting a new place, and going rafting, and making love to my hubby away from the confines of our bedroom where we can't quite make noises...)


Our flight to CDO was relatively uneventful. We first visted Malasag Gardens. It was the first time for both of us to use a hanging bridge (no matter that it was a miniature version). We both saw an eagle again, a baby one... and also a baby deer.

We got mightily ripped off precious bucks going to the Gardens, but leaving the garden sort of made up for that. See, we rode a motorcycle (habal-habal) going down the mountain where the Gardens was located. For P20, I couldn't feel more alive as the wind and scenery and winding road swallowed us!!! Super MUST-DO ever!

That Friday night, we ate at Bigby's. If you remember Dory from Finding Nemo, that's what I had for dinner :)

And of course, we couldn't resist buying new shoes because they were being sold at half-price... we didn't really need new rubber shoes but we rationalized that it was our honeymoon anyway :) First time for us to buy shoes together... and in the same shop too!

P5k spent on an impulse buy, but aren't they so japorms?

Because Pryce Plaza Hotel only provided twin beds we couldn't move together, we also experienced sleeping for two nights in a row in the smallest bed we've ever slept in. We were both conscious that we could easily bump the other off the bed. But it sure made for lovely snuggling.

As for the lovemaking, though we enjoyed each other very much, the bed kept making all these noises when it hits the headboard :D It was distracting very much... i'm starting to really consider motels!

Saturday, we were feteched by DETOUR for the white water TUBING thingie where we met anotehr married couple. Part of the run include jumping off a 30 ft. bridge into the Cagayan River. My Baby was scared of heights but he was game, and went ahead of all of us, knowing I might be scared and wanting to assure me it's ok. But yes, he's the one with the heights issue.

Taking that kind of plunge was one heck of a magnificent experience! I just don't have pictures to show because we didn't know about the jump, or that some of the guides could take pictures for us, and left our digicam in the hotel. Hopefully, the couple we met will share pictures taken from their cam. Still, we had a blast just doing that!

Later on, we'd be jumping off a rock in the middle of the river. It was a lower jump but swirling pools of water and seeing the current can really scare you. Still, we did it and had fun.

Oh, and white water rafting/tubing IS fun!

taken just before our raft flipped, and the guy in blue catapulted first into the water

Twas wonderful experiencing outdoor activities with my hubby... and I thanked him for giving in to my requests.

He thanked me for the most thrilling experience he's had in his life.

We were really having so much fun, we just had to cap it with the perfect meal. So we went all the way to Opol (around P150 cab fare,a dn considering it's a provincial freeway, that's FAR) to feast on seafood.

But of course, our night didn't end there... we availed of massage services by the blind too.

And it was truly bittersweet to be going home already on Sunday. But we'd always have fond memories of how goofy we were, and what a great time we had... and of just enjoying each other's company.


One of our Ninongs advised us to go to a place we've never been before, once a year. He said it's something that keeps the romance burning.

Well, for this year, we intend to save enough for trips to places we've both never been before.

We want to enjoy travelling together as a couple before having a family.

And I also have to think of something else to replace bungee jumping (because there's none offered at Subic anymore)...

And we just might forego Boracay in July (since we've both been there before) and concentrate all resources and vacations on a Palawan (backdoor) trip.

And it looks like we're going to Marinduque again this Holy Week...


We couldn't NOT visit CDO Cathedral... and as if Life was telling us something, a wedding just ended when we got there. And for a moment, there was that brief remembrance of how perfectly sweet our wedding day was.


It warms my heart to see wonderful places with him... because it's true, no place can be really beautiful if you can't share it with the ones who matter most to you.

And when the one in your heart is with you, wherever you go becomes home.


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