Monday, April 17, 2006

Blessed all the more

Last week was spent getting to know MORE of my husband's family. It's amazing how these people have embraced me into their brood as their own, even remembering to bring ME pasalubongs.

Since I was sick, the weekend also found me getting fussed over by hubby's family... and hearing about the many stories surrounding my MIL's first pregnancy (when she was carrying my Baby)... from the paglilihi sa hito, pastillas, caimitos, fishing for gurami (?) and reading comics when she was trapped in San Fernando, Masbate.

Of course, there's that reminder again that they're willing to raise our kids for us. Ahehe.

And there's FIL's dream that I had a daughter and she was dancing like a ballerina, or something like that. And his belief that I am already preggers.

Easter Sunday was the christening of Jojo's cousin's second child... it actually makes me feel shy to be kissing so many people but they're really nice and welcoming... warm and concerned. I'm just so blessed to have found a man who has such a family!

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Of course, there was Baby Iya trying to suck on her chubby fingers, she looked like she was eating a chicken popsicle because her arms were so pudgy! My in-laws passed her around like she was a basketball and it fills my heart with warmth knowing that they're all crazy about kids. And as always, my hubby had this ultra-wonderful comforter feel to him so Iya falls asleep easily when in his arms.

Hubby and I actually had a fight... and I know my in-laws knew about it. I don't know who started the rumor but my SIL even congratulated me about being on the way (I don't actually know if I am already, seeing as i'm not yet delayed)... and unfortunately caught me in a weepy moment. MIL called us up that night to remind me to get rest and tell me she loves me.

Awwww... diba? :)

I'm just so lucky!

No wonder hubby is so loving and gentle and warm himself.

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