Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wedded Bliss...

... is wedded bliss still. But it can still be hectic as we play husband and wife to each other. Good thing we had the long weekend to enjoy each other. My Baby accompanied me to the Ob for a check-up (since am still delayed but the Medic Kit said 'negative'), then we went grocery-shopping, then hubby cooked for me and the other household (it's a household again since two more cousins are staying with us), and I gave hubby a massage. Sunday found me leaving hubby to attend my Photography Class, but he fetched me later on (even if he said he wouldn't, and it was great that we saw each other near San Agustin since I also left my cell at home). I gave him a tour of Intramuros, taking him to the nooks and crannies where my friends and I used to hang out. Then we attended Mass at San Agustin and had dinner at hizon's (all this dating is justified by having just celebrated 4 months of being married to each other). We capped the evening with ice cream and a replay of our CSI favorites. Monday found us just sleeping and watching TV and sleeping again. I cooked/prepared mashed potatoes and ham and cheese omelet for dinner to go with roast chicken bought at this newly-opened store near our home. Hubby also revisited Diablo while I tinkered with digiscrapping again.

Yup, basically, we just fattened each other up. And it was sooo refreshing and de-stressing to just have wach otehr nearby for a kiss.

Instant pancit Canton garnished with chicharo; Pork chop and Shrimps in Lemon Butter Sauce

Makulit lang talaga ang asawa ko :)

True, we've only been married for four months but we've been together a long time now... here's hoping we'd be enjoying each other more for a longer time :)

Yikes! This was how we looked like over five years ago, at his parents' 25th wedding anniversary

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