Monday, May 22, 2006

Married for almost 5 months now

... and it still feels like we're playing house.

And it's weird how we can be so thoughtful one moment, and thoughtless the next. But it's still bliss just smelling, hearing, feeling my husband next to me.

But we've turned into worse sloths... because of our DSL connection, we got so into downloading Grey's Anatomy episodes... and has taken up the habit of watching some 3 episodes a night... leading to super late nights. Heck... he didn't go to work Thursday... and I was also absent Friday :)

And so, our laundry has piled up, our home is dirty... etc. That led to a clenaing frenzy in me last night. Now my hands ache. We really should have enough to pay domestic help once we have a baby because I cannot honestly do housework all the time. Tsk.

Hubby was supportive enough to accompany me in my quest to take good pictures of streetpeople... but I really have much to learn.

(Commercial... wedding photographers like Chito Cleofas, Bern Mejias and Pilar Tuason all learned photography when they took the same course, Basic Photography, under FPPF, o devah!)

Anyway, I just want to say (because Dr. Burke put it so well)....

There is nothing my Baby can reveal that I wouldn't want to know


BTw, we're still an inducing a period before we proceed with otehr tests. Meanwhile, help me please root for Pyro.

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