Friday, May 05, 2006

Still delayed

We were so sure that we're pregnant... after all, I never missed a period, no matter how stressed or sick I get. Thus, the pregnancy test last week. We even had the videocam going as we waited for the preggy test to work. Well, like what I said in my previous post, it was NEGATIVE (I really wonder if there's a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Kit here, i'd love words over strips talaga, but not if the kit will be so costly naman ahehe).

A week from that and am still period-less. And I don't know if I should test again tonight or not (ok fine, am getting antsy! I jsut want to know if the weight gain is because am such a sloth and my metabolism needs boosting... or it's because there's a bouncing baby inside already). And fine, I still really want to eat tuna sashimi. And yes, there's that worry of an ecotpic pregnancy... or a possible reproductive health problem.

Hubby, on the other hand, is worried that stress has renedred his swimmers weak. Ahehe.

Good thing for us, we were too sleepy still last week when we took the test, so we weren't exactly in a frame of mind to really be disappointed. But of course we were (and I know it's weird since we've been saying we want to wait a year... but we did say we want a year without a baby, and if I am preggy, the baby will be due on January which technically means we're not eating our words).

Now, the excitement and kakulitan over my possible pregnancy has died down a little bit... we don't get inquiries every day anymore. I'm guessing they're disappointed too. Howell, I did say they were preempting what could be.

I'm not depressed about it naman. And i'm not overly worried (it just feels weird to be skipping your period). I just really hope nothing's wrong with me (because when I was having my dizzy spells, my Baby was already overly concerned).

But am still officially overweight now! Most of my clothes don't fit anymore! Grrr... but hubby has just texted that he likes me being overweight so i'd just be clothes-less at home. Mwehehe.

So, should I take a test or wait another week? :)

Or just maximixe our new dsl connection at home? :)

yeah, yeah... am just babbling here.

Happy weekend, guys.


On a serious note, some marriages can suck big time.

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