Monday, June 12, 2006

Laiya trip of Babies

Apart from calling each other Baby, we also spent the weekend with our babies... baby brother and sister, that is.

I managed to finnagle a promise of a swimming trip from my Baby since I missed going with him to Zambales for their company outing. We decided to take our loved ones with us but ended with the youngests only...

It was nice for Jojo's parents to trust us with his 11-yr old brother. And my beloved MIL made her super-delicious chicken galantina four our baon. We slept over at my in-laws since we were borrowing their car for the weekend... and Jojo and I spent our first night apart (in the same place) since I made him bunk in with his family (baby Iya was visiting with his Mom, who didn't plan on spending the night there but went when she found out that Kuya was sleeping over) while I re-connected with my sis in his old bedroom (goodness, we were chatting till past 2 am).

MIL kidded my sis to stay with them so she can fatten her up. I showed my sis my in-laws' two fully-loaded refs and their stacked snack boxes as well as cartons and cartons of milk. My sis complained about being so full everytime she's there... ahehe.

The weekend was spent in swimming and soundstripping. We stayed at Triple-G resort (next to Kabayan) because when I was calling the other resorts, they were still fully-booked. I can't say Triple-G can compare with my original target resort (Virgin) but it's ok. Our cottage cost us P3,000 and it had a nice clean bed and a private CR plus a porch, and all the tables you need. Unfortunately, hubby and I didn't get decent sleep that night because we had to bunk together in the one bed available... both our siblings are used to sleeping all curled up... while we weren't. There was also only one electric fan to chase away mosquitoes. Twas when we were already leaving when we found that there was a mat we could have used.

And because it was a long weekend and many were squeezing some last-minute sun time, the laiya beach was jampacked with people. We rented a small boat to take us where the corals are so we can snorkel some. For P400, twas really fun but it could have been better if they provided better lifevests. We also didn't dare rent their snorkelling gear. But still, we got to fed the fish with the bread we had with us. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a waterproof/disposable cam so I didn't have lots of pics for fear i'd drop the cam. Waves were also crashing on us and it hurt to drink the ulta-saline laiya waters. I told hubby that I don't ever want to go swimming there again because the water just really hurt. Ahehe. But i've said that all the times before and i've kept coming back.

The sunset was spectacular as usual but I was too busy frolicking with my loved ones to whip out my cam.

Jojo's brother Luis brought home stones and a henna tattoo, much to the chagrin of MIL.

My sis had to suffer a weekend-long lack of Sun signal. Ahihi.

But we had a blast. And it was so fun to be with our siblings... our youngests... the ones we've vowed to really take responsibility for as eldests. And it was heartwarming to see my sis (who's 20) acting as Ate to Luis (who's turning 12). I had asked my sis to embrace Jojo's family too because I said she'd be sharing my future kids with them.

Oh and my sis also fell in love with Iya (who's looking prettier by the day) and Imaw (the Arevalos' schnauzer-type dog.

Today we mostly just slept and watched TV and used the PC :D

Belated Happy Birthday to my BIL, Rocky.

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