Thursday, June 08, 2006

No news is good news

There are a lot of things actually that are going in our married life. We fight, we adjust, we make love, we go out with separate group of friends, we hold each other, we watch DVDs and movies, we go on dates, we cuddle and kiss, we cook for each other (he cooked beef chao fan for me, I made him cathedral windows), we bought a computer table, we run out of money, we weigh the pros and cons of buying a car, we discuss our family issues, we deal with childhood memories, we visit Pyro, we love each other, we build dreams together, we make plans together.

And in the midst of getting more and more comfortable with each other... we fall in love all over again.


Ninong Jojo with Baby Iya last Saturday, when we showed my in-laws our album and gave them their copy of the mini-album

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