Monday, June 19, 2006

Remembering fathers

At our wedding reception... four fathers gave speeches: Our fathers, my brother and one of our Principal Sponsors.

They were all different as can be, with varying child-rearing ways and motivations. They were not exactly models of what the ideal father should be like... and all are rasing kids of different ages. But they're all fathers. And they all love their kids. And they all watched my Baby and I grew up...

Anyway, belated happy father's day to them... and all fathers out there... and all those who feel like second fathers: stepdads, uncles, lolos, older brothers and cousins, older friends and mentors.

My Dad is in Michigan right now, Daddy Ruben is still attending to a sister who lost her husband, my brother is attending to his sick child, and I am helping Ninong Alex with his 25th wedding renewal next year.

Plopper stolen from my boss' PC.

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