Monday, June 26, 2006

Missing my Baby

Maybe it's the hormonal imbalance and the period... but tonight, my Baby's late nights at work have officially gotten to me. Now, am officially moping here at home. Sniff... sniff...


BTW, had great fun with my Baby, his brother and their friends last Thursday night when we went dancing at Makati Shang's Conway's Bar :) We watched the Spirit of 67 band (for anyone who can afford it, esply for parents' wedding anniversaries, it's P90k for 3 sets of pure oldies fun).

Old couples, parents and grandparents were dancing... and they'd approach our table to tell hubby and I to go dance (because we'd usually be swaying in our seats). Twas really a blast meeting new friends in my husband's childhood friends (kids of his parents' friends).


Friday night I couldn't sleep while my exhausted (uyyy) hubby was already asleep. Then he shifts positions and wraps his arms around me... and I smile in the dark and tell myself, "Hay, ansarap ng may husband!"

So though I didn't wake him up to keep me company... I felt so good to belong to someone. Very comforting.

And yeah well... he did buy me two blocks of white chocolate.

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