Thursday, June 29, 2006

Six Months Married yesterday

My Baby, as i've posted before, is working late most nights. He'd be coming home at around 4 AM and would be hugging a sleeping me. I'd wake up around 6:30 AM and would be hugging a sleeping him. That's real sad because I miss being with him and talking to him.

Anyway, he made a deal with a colleague who agreed to take charge of the systems they're working on in Alabang so he can be with me. He decided to go to the Mall of Asia and watch Superman.

I didn't really have any intentions of watching the flick, and was not yet that curious about this behemoth of a mall but since it WAS a special day, we both braved the rains and went there.

Dinner at Bangus was nice. The mall was overwhelmingly vast so we only had enough time to go to Kopi Roti to buy some Kopi Buns (6 of them, wehehehe). We didn't know you had to buy tickets in advance for the IMAX showing (again, I wasn't yet that eager to be in an IMAX theater... and was willing to wait for the HP:OoTP movie) so we just watched Superman in the usual movie theater.

The movie was great (i'd post spoilers in my main blog instead) and the company was even greater. Loved just holding hands with my husband and smelling his scent and feeling his warmth beside me. Plus, we haven't actually made good with our plan to go on a date every week so being out together like that was really nice.


God, Life and Love blessed us for our monthsary by sending a hefty bonus my husband's way... enough so he can buy a new phone (he opted for the Motorola sliver phone and decided against buying a more expensive one lest he loses it again ahehe) and ask me what TREAT I want (and syempre, I dared not ask for a new cam since my S2 is still almost new... so I asked to use the credit card na lang however I wish since I need/want new clothes that fit, lipstick and bag plus massage and other pampering treats)... and also money for our Palawan trip.

Hay. That was a nice gift from the heavens above indeed. Tuloy na tuloy na our trip! I'm so excited ever!

And in love!

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