Sunday, July 16, 2006

Updates, updates

I have been totally negligent of my blogs. I think of so many things to post but I seldom can find time for them. Partly, work is really keeping me busy. And then my sister got hospitalized (dengue... hanubez!).

There's also the fact that the rains have rendered me more lazy than usual... and i've gone back to reading. The Devil Wears Prada entertained me for several nights, keeping me awake till past 3 AM (well, i only start reading it at past 1 AM, after watching TV or chatting). I can't wait for the movie since Meryl Streep will be playing the role of the devil, and Anne Hathaway palying the heroine.

Speaking of movies, my Baby decided to gift me with VCDs of Superman movies (I-IV), Harry Potter (ST-PoA) and Love Actually. Isn't he the best? He also bought me another book (The Creation Myths by Clare Brown, because I couldn't find the Babyville book by Jane Green... and I dunno but am into British authors at the moment). Anyway, all these because we promised we'd celebrate our bf-gf monthsary (14th... but we also end up celebrating every 28th, ahehe).

I have also been generally sleep-deprived because of my husband's working hours. Even if I know he's not going to be coming home earlier than 2 AM because of their project in Alabang, I still unconsciously end up waiting for him! One time he went home at 2 AM and caught me reading, I was so thrilled I still slept at past 3 AM, alternately reading and hugging-sniffing my sleeping, exhausted husband. Ah well.

Something I learned from my Baby:

For a winning breakfast toast, mash some butter and mix in some honey (amount of both depending on the number of toasts you wanna make, how thick the spread you wanna have, and how fatty or sweet you want your toast to be). Spread it on wheat bread and then toast in your oven toaster for 2-3 minutes.

I'm guessing you can use olive oil instead, if you want a healthier breakfast. :)

Oh and yeah, almost 7 months into the marriage and we still haven't started listing down and monitoring our expenses! Bad couple, bad!!! :)


Happy birthday to my Mom, who is thousands of miles away and worried sick over my sister... who's been crying ever since she found out my sis is sick... and who cannot have peace until my sis gets discharged from the hospital... a Mom who I know love her kids very much... a Mom who I have much to learn from.

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