Wednesday, August 02, 2006

7 Months Married

Late update, I know.

My Baby was supportive enough to make sure he didn't have to work weekends so he could accompany me to my Uncle's wake in Lipa. Unfortunately, he couldn't be absent during the week so he missed the burial, and all my relatives who were asking for him.

It's also been a trying time for me last week, getting sick Tuesday, attending to the wake and burial Wednesday-Thursday, and then having another scare because my sis had on and off fever again so I brought her to the doctor again Friday (turned out to just be a mild case of gastroenteritis)... and I was suffering from allergic rhinitis the whole time.

Saturday, hubby decided to finally give in to my request and treated me and his whole family to goods at Ilog Maria as a belated monthsary celebration. He had to fork over some P5,000 for all the goods we picked up (honey-based products like soaps and massage oils and clay... as well as honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and cider vinegar). After that, we went to the Market in Tagaytay for some bulalo, chicharon bulaklak and produce-shopping (santol, pinipig, tawilis, etc).


Was having some emotional moments... and hubby was quick to assure me that i'd make a good Mom someday and we'd be good providers and loving parents. And because I love him so, I tested the massage oil we bought on my husband... he told me he slept so well because of my TLC.


We missed my Baby's family... and spending time with them (and playing with Baby Iya) also made me miss my own family. Haaay.

By the way, MIL has already framed all the pictures i've had developed... so our wedding pics have joined the long wall and table of their family pictures. Another sign of belonging in another family. Another sign of being loved and accepted by another family.


Jojo's workweek still requires him to work loooong hours, resulting to lack of sleep also at my end. For the life of me, I just find it so hard to sleep without him beside me... so i'm getting more sicker. Anyway, I stayed home again yesterday because my allergies were so bad, and he stayed home too, opting to just work from home. He cooked soup for me, and ordered KFC when I was awake enough to really eat.

Of course, we also managed to squeeze in some loving-loving (ehem). And I was really able to sleep all day yesterday because he was around... so I was able to rest enough and go to work again today.

Sigh. Such love for and from this man.

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